Girls Achieve® Activity Book

The Girls Achieve® Activity Book is an excellent resource and educational supplement for parents, classrooms, after-school programs, summer camps, and outreach organizations.  A perfect gift for any occasion.

This 128 page book for girls aged 9-14 years encourages creativity, promotes scholarship, and builds confidence. It’s filled with more than 60 innovative and educational activities.

Topics include:

> Find Your Future > Girls Around the World
> The Name Game > A New Attitude
> Fashion Sense > S.T.E.M.
> We Are Family > Commit To Be Fit
> Go Green > Good Friends


Get your book, plus a bag and button for only $15.00.

As a mom of two girls, a former Girl Scout leader, and a former K-12 teacher, including gifted and talented students, I LOVE THIS! It offers an opportunity to learn new things, engage in journaling, explore personal interests and future careers, and build self-esteem.

Lynne M. Williams, BS, MA, ABD


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      1. 5 out of 5

        Jan E. Gillespie-Walton, retired assistant superintendent

        A magnificent book that affords young ladies a roadmap to success. It pushes respect, applauds exploration, celebrates differences, defines readiness, and shouts GIRLS ACHIEVE!

      1. 5 out of 5

        Joy, age 13

        My mom and I liked doing We Are Family and working on our family tree.”

      1. 5 out of 5

        Marlene F. Watson, Ph.D.

        The Name Game activity is a definite self-esteem booster. It connects girls to a purpose and helps them to feel valued, worthwhile, and important. This is huge in establishing self-confidence and self-identity. It really says ‘I am somebody.

    1. 5 out of 5

      Wanda, age 9

      I had fun learning about my name and practicing how to say ‘thank you’ in other languages.