Company Profile

Girls Achieve® is a company uniquely situated to address the interests, challenges, and needs of adolescent girls.  Through its education programs, activity book, and lifestyle products, Girls Achieve® creates a culture that supports the positive development of girls as they transition into responsible young adults.

Girls Achieve® School Day was created in 2006 by Elleanor Jean Hendley, an Emmy Award-winning former television news education journalist, in response to requests from educators for an in-school curriculum – support and life skills workshop series.

As a former New Jersey public school teacher who created an afterschool dance and charm club, Ms. Hendley knows firsthand how enrichment programs enhance student achievement and boosts self-esteem. Girls Achieve® School day is based on the model of Teenshop, Inc., a college preparatory and life skills week-end program for teen girls founded in 1985, which has grown to five chapters in three states.

The success of Girls Achieve® School Day encouraged Ms. Hendley to expand her efforts to empower girls by marketing the Girls Achieve® Activity Book – a resource used in the school day program – to camp and after school programs, and to create additional girl-focused products for the consumer market.